Blooming Business Expo

Pics By Lis will be unable to participate at this event in the future. This event allows corporate vendors, not just handmade artisans, such as Tupperware and so forth. Unfortunately, Scentsy was one of the vendors. Scentsy representatives not only display scented candles and such, but also put scented mixes in some sort of vaporizing machine which fills an entire building with the smell and that permeates into everything; products, clothes, tablecloths, ones’ hair. Scented products are like cigarette smoke; not everyone wants to smell it and those who do should be considerate to everyone else. Everyone needs to breathe to live and many are allergic to it; it has been proven that even those not allergic can face health problems due to exposure.

Lisa already has severe asthma and had a severe allergic reaction to Scentsy smells and spent a “lovely” 5 days in the hospital on oxygen and meds to breath. Due to this circumstance Pics By Lis will not be able to participate in any show where Scentsy is also a vendor. Thank you kindly for understanding.


in the Former Cochranton Co-Op Building

136 West Pine Street

Cochranton, Pa


Saturday = 9am – 6pm

Sunday = 10am – 4pm


They do ask for a $3.00 donation/door admission fee


Previous Shows

Pics By Lis was set up with Lost in Time A & C May 14th-15th, 2016

Event was Created for Kimm’s Journey Walkers : Relay for life of Meadville