The DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop is Closing

Friendly Greetings Folks!

The DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop will be closing on May 16th, 2017.

This close may be temporary, or it may become permanent. We are not sure yet. It greatly depends on how Etsy’s new CEO and management team handles matters.

Etsy changes A LOT. Sometimes changes are good, many times they are just frustrating and hindering to handmade artists and crafters. Continue reading

Left-Handed Coloring Book Release

When I originally released my first Coloring Book: “Many Meetings: A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection” there were to be TWO versions…
Essentially for the Right-Handed and Left-Handed.

I have just released (finally) the Left-Handed Edition on March 1st. Sorry it took me so long. ;0)

I will be posting pictures soon of the differences, but the main thing is the layout. The original edition features the image on the right side of a two page layout, or the odd pages; whereas the Left-Handed Edition places the image on the left side or the even pages.

Now there are three versions of this book available; two in print and a PDF version for printing yourself.

Word Game 6

#WordWednesday Game 6

How to play:

Reuse the letters from the name below to see how many words you can come up with.

Log into Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and share your answers there if you like.

*Please keep all guesses and comments G rated: no swear words, adult content, etc, keep it kid friendly and appropriate for all ages to read.

He was born on this day in 1564.

Galileo Galilei

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