Lightning Never Strikes Twice…Or Does It

42 Lightning Photographs combined together in one stacked photo from the Thunderstorms on May 18th, 2017 in Family Farm Country (Pennsylvania).

“Lightning Never Strikes Twice in the Same Place”

has been a well known saying for many a moon, but is it true… debatable, I’m sure…

But at the very least it strikes very close. I have seen it in person.

The photographs combined together to create these three stacked images were taken over a little over 30 minutes during the storm of Thursday, May 18, 2017 (about 9:27-9:58pm).

There were many other pictures taken, from different angles. All of these images were taken from the same exact position, camera angle, and so forth and stacked via Adobe Photoshop. A closer look shows some bolts of lightning are nearly the same exact shape and close to the same exact place in the storm…from this perspective, leastwise.

50 Lightning Photographs combined together in one stacked photo from the Thunderstorms on May 18th, 2017 in Family Farm Country (Pennsylvania).

The first image above is a compilation of 42 photographs.

The second image above is a compilation of 50 photographs.

And the third image, below, is a compilation of all 92 images!

92 Lightning Photographs combined together to create one stacked photo. Storms of May 18th, 2017 in Family Farm Country a.k.a. Pennsylvania.

There were many, many, MANY more bolts of lightning that were not captured by either camera. One was set up to take video…which pending soundcheck and editing should be posted to Youtube in a few days. The other camera was set up to take various exposures. The first front passed over just before sunset, and a few more followed during the storm. It was a very neat and powerful storm. Our place was nearly the edge of the storm, as it often is. We had tiny, almost sleet like hail here are our farm, and then about 10 minutes later there was pea-sized hail at the main farm, about 3/4 of a mile away. The closest neighbor to the North did not have any hail. Storms are amazing, powerful, sometimes damaging, but they are still many wonders combined.

Calm Before the Storm

The calm before the storm. The birds were all in a twitter as the clouds moved in.

Batten down the bunnies (my saying-it means cover up their outside cages and put the roof back on)

It was very hot and humid. Cue wind, downpouring rain, ominous clouds and…

First Front passing East, The edge of the storm

The first front passed, quickly. This is the edge of the storm passing East and the North clearing, while not far South it raged on

Soon the other parts of the storm moved in.

The end of the storm moving in, but still raging South.

This was the last of the ominous clouds. This is the Western Sky as the storm moved East. It was still worse South, and not the far South of here either, but clearing to the North.

Then the system slowed down in wind speed, well movement, and lit up (literally) a spectacular light show for a long time. Gratefully most of those bolts were between and betwixt the clouds.