The DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop is Closing

Friendly Greetings Folks!

The DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop will be closing on May 16th, 2017.

This close may be temporary, or it may become permanent. We are not sure yet. It greatly depends on how Etsy’s new CEO and management team handles matters.

Etsy changes A LOT. Sometimes changes are good, many times they are just frustrating and hindering to handmade artists and crafters.

Many shoppers as well as sellers have found the search to be severely lacking and rather exasperating. It needs to take some refresher courses at Search Engine Optimization School.

We seek and seek, but often cannot find or be found in a corporate game of hide-and-seek we did not know we were playing. The mass produced items, with oftentimes repeated listings, have sponsored ads at the top of each page distracting and often scaring away potential customers. They are like the annoying street vendor outside an art show, who chases away folks from venturing in by his persistent and prying pleas to buy items from the box of stuff he got real cheap.

And don’t even get me started on the Keyword Stuffing which is worse than Thanksgiving with the Dictionaries and the Thesauruses. I am still curious, what does a blue scarf have to do with Pieces of Light?

Folks are upset because there are too many corporate businesses, with mass produced items, in a market created for handmade and vintage small businesses. We already have to compete with cheap products, sometimes made with questionable labor practices, at corporate stores but this really hurts when they invade our own “backyard.”

Getting a listing found is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. I am a klutz; chances are if I just go barefoot I shall find that needle in the haystack in no time. SEO works great as a magnet for drawing in someone looking for that particular needle, but only if it is allowed to work. Personally, I prefer letting the magnet help searchers, rather than taking my chances walking around barefoot.

The biggest change, or the final straw as it were, is the new mandate requiring Etsy sellers to set-up Etsy Payments. Our shop never used Direct Checkout because it required too much private information. Now Direct Checkout’s name is changed to Etsy Payments and EVERY shop must comply or get out.

“Well, it is for your own protection,” many say.
“Every one does it,” some say.
“We need to…” well I will elaborate on what Etsy says later.

First off, being the Ford Family…we have never done anything because every one is doing it. Apparently we are in good company though, because I have heard from many folks who feel the same. Overseas sellers sound like they are going to have a rough time of it too, with even more fees. And rumors abound about raised listing fees and percentages taken out of transactions. This seemed to overlooked in today’s Q&A with the new CEO.

We understand Etsy’s prerogative to say “comply with Etsy Payments or get out” but the risks far outweigh the benefits here for many of us.

Nowhere else is all this personal info and three different payment accounts kept….with permission also required to charge whatever without prior authorization to any/all of those three payment sources at any time. Hello identity theft potential.

This is not for my protection, this isn’t even for Etsy’s protection.

This is rather like Rumplestiltskin demanding the woman’s first born for helping her, then taking her wallet and the king’s, taking over the mill and the castle and demanding fees and taxes for just working there and taking care of him as well as farming, harvesting, milling, and cooking all of his food. She might have needed his guidance to get started turning straw into gold, but in reality she could have bundled that straw up, taken it to another market, and sold the straw for gold. Which is what our shop may be doing if the Etsy Payments requirement is not taken back.

I asked “support” about Etsy Payments requiring all this info, and voiced my concerns. The replies were interesting.

Etsy seriously wants me to trust them and their un….cough cough…hackable security system with my social security number…you know that thing we were told as kids to not flaunt everywhere.

Why do they need to do a credit check? We are not applying for a loan nor a credit card.

Why on Earth does Etsy need to do a background check on sellers? I was told by support that Etsy needs to check for money laundering and terrorist financing. Hmm, I was not aware that they had warrants for that or were part of the legal system.

Seriously? Is Etsy is afraid of the crafters and artisans selling handmade goods?

Does Etsy fear that the vintage clothes shops are laundering more than dresses?
Are the knitters being “knotty?”
The soap makers are not squeaky clean?
Are the Coloring Pages relieving too much stress?
The stuffed toys are not paying the tea taxes at tea parties?

I fail to buy into the story that this is all for our protection. We are a farming family… so we learn very young to recognize manure when we see it.

As much as we love the folks who have bought things from the shop, this is a lot to worry about. So the shop may open again, if requirements or something changes. Or this may be a permanent close on Etsy.

We wish all our fellow sellers the best as well, whether you choose to close your shop and leave or stay and stick it out, may you be successful.

As always, you can still find us here on, as well as connect via our social media links found on the bottom of every page on this site.

A selection of our items are available in the Lost in Time A&C shop and over the next week or two we will be working to transfer all those listed on Etsy to: There are many items, but ours can be found under Pics By Lis.

And Lisa’s Kindle and Coloring books will still be available on Amazon.


We do apologize to overseas friends. We are not set up for selling overseas, just the USA and Canada. You should be able to get the Kindle Books and Printed Coloring Books from your Amazon website, though. ;0)

Thank you for your purchases, favorites, and shares over the years, and thank you kindly for your understanding.