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Left-Handed Coloring Book Release

When I originally released my first Coloring Book: “Many Meetings: A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection” there were to be TWO versions…
Essentially for the Right-Handed and Left-Handed.

I have just released (finally) the Left-Handed Edition on March 1st. Sorry it took me so long. ;0)

I will be posting pictures soon of the differences, but the main thing is the layout. The original edition features the image on the right side of a two page layout, or the odd pages; whereas the Left-Handed Edition places the image on the left side or the even pages.

Now there are three versions of this book available; two in print and a PDF version for printing yourself.

Free Coloring Page

Many Meetings Sample Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

Have some coloring fun with this free printable page from my coloring book “Many Meetings: A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection.”
Print, color, then take a pic of your finished colored creation, and share via social media using #ColorPicsByLis so I can see what your imagination does with this Bunny in Pansies. ;0)

Page is available as a PDF.  I would not recommend using this JPG because WordPress compresses images.

(For personal use only, no resale, yadda, yadda, and so forth.) Book link elsewhere on this page.

Coloring Book Preview

Many Meetings Coloring Book by Lisa Marie Ford Preview

So….after quite a few hiccups, some glitches, and whatnot….I am excited to post one bit of news that has been a long time in the making….a dream made true for me.
I am publishing my first official coloring book!

And it is just in time for the holidays!

Ever since I was little I wanted to create a coloring book like all the Disney, Nature, and Lisa Frank books I colored in and have collected over the years. Lately I have been trying to collect Selina Fenech Coloring Books.
And as you know I love wildlife.
“Many Meetings – A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection.
In this book I endeavored to give every color in the pencil or crayon box a chance to color in the book and added a few extras. I need to check the proof yet, but then it’ll be up for sale all over!

This is a preview of the front cover with owls and the moon and the back cover with previews of all the different illustrations.

This is so exciting! We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter Birthday Card by Lisa Marie Ford. Illustration from The Bunny Dance Book.

Today, July 28th, is the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth. Beatrix was the talented artist and writer who captured the captivating adventures of the wild and farm critters in England in pen and paint. These tales have delighted kids of all ages for generations and many of us have known Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher since we were half-pints.

Ms. Potter also loved farms and put her work, kindness, heart, and funds into preserving farm country and ensuring future generations could enjoy the Lakeland. She was one wonderful lady!

As you can guess she is rather a kindred inspiration to me, decades later, across the pond over here in the USA. I too love critters, create postcards and greeting cards, illustrate and photograph wildlife and nature, and have a series of children’s books called, “The Critters That Call the Farm Home.” I grew up working and living, and still do, on my family’s farm and I hope to someday get my books widely released for kids of all ages to enjoy and help keep our family farm working and in the family for generations to come.

#‎HappyBirthdayBeatrix‬! Thank you kindly for all the stories and farmland preservation; from Lis and all the Critters here on a Pennsylvania Family Farm in the United States of America (a.k.a. Family Farm Country, USA).  Continue reading

Spotted Fawn Coloring Page

Spotted Fawn in a Field Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford.

I love fawns. Don’t you? Who doesn’t fawn over their dappled coats, their white spots on ruddy brown, and their adorable whiskers!

This little deer is traipsing through the tall grass by the hay field, curious about everything, but at a quiet word from Mama (Mother Doe) he’ll leap and bound across the meadow and into the woods.

This Coloring Page is available as a digital download in our online shops.

Spotted Fawn Digital Download via Etsy

Summer Solstice

Heirloom Rose Blossom growing by Christopher Mott's stone in Smith Corners Cemetery by Lisa Marie Ford

Summer Greetings

Today is the Summer Solstice…well for us Northern Hemisphere folk…and there is a full moon today as well….isn’t that wonderful! Some folklore calls the June Full Moon the Strawberry Moon, but around here we call it the Planting Moon…unless we are eating Strawberries at the time. :0)

Do you know what else June 20th is? Hmm?
It’s the anniversary of Audie Murphy’s birthday. Audie Murphy was born June 20th, 1925…and you outta know who he was….the most Decorated Soldier of World War II and later a talented actor, writer, songwriter, and honestly I thought he was a good singer too! Audie Murphy is who our adorable Sheltie Collie, Audie, is named after.

Continue reading

Lilac Blossoms and Bumble Bees Coloring Page

Lilac Blossoms and Bumble Bees Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

The prettiest sight at the corner of the old farmhouse in Spring is the blossoming Lilac Bush. The bees, birds, and butterflies seem to think so too. Pollinators fly in and around once the buds turn to blossoms and the petals unfurl with all their beauty, color, and yummy….or potent pollen. Lilacs make the sort of scent folks always remember. The flowers shade in a range of lilac purples to pinks with hints of blue and more.

Bumble Bees are an often overlooked….lest they’re buzzing past you…pollinator. Sure to many they aren’t as fine as honey bees, but they do play important parts in pollinating flowers and crops alike. Some bumbles really do dive into their work though, that nectar goodness must sure be tasty…to a bee.

If you need Color Inspiration please use the Categories Menu on this page and go to Color Inspiration or search by subject for pictures. This is still being worked on, so please check back if nothing comes up for feel free to contact us ;0)

Digital Downloads available:

Lilac Blossoms and Bumble Bees Coloring Page