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Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter Birthday Card by Lisa Marie Ford. Illustration from The Bunny Dance Book.

Today, July 28th, is the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth. Beatrix was the talented artist and writer who captured the captivating adventures of the wild and farm critters in England in pen and paint. These tales have delighted kids of all ages for generations and many of us have known Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher since we were half-pints.

Ms. Potter also loved farms and put her work, kindness, heart, and funds into preserving farm country and ensuring future generations could enjoy the Lakeland. She was one wonderful lady!

As you can guess she is rather a kindred inspiration to me, decades later, across the pond over here in the USA. I too love critters, create postcards and greeting cards, illustrate and photograph wildlife and nature, and have a series of children’s books called, “The Critters That Call the Farm Home.” I grew up working and living, and still do, on my family’s farm and I hope to someday get my books widely released for kids of all ages to enjoy and help keep our family farm working and in the family for generations to come.

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Inge Auerbacher, Memory-Keeper

This Pieces of Light Star made with Burgundy Copper Parawire and Swarovski Crystals was made on the day the play opened and gifted to Inge Auerbacher after we met her. I called the Starcatcher style "The Inge Star".

Inge Auerbacher is an amazing lady. She is an author, an inspirational speaker, a chemist, and a Holocaust Survivor, but most importantly she is a kind, loving soul and a dedicated memory-keeper. A memory-keeper is one who treasures and keeps safe the memories of those who have gone before us and through the telling and retelling of their stories their memories are kept alive. She remembers the moments, the people, the places, the animals, and the troubled times. Inge also possesses an astounding forgiving nature and a perspective of the world and an understanding of its peoples that she shares. She is an amazing lady with many stories to tell.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

For Holocaust Remembrance Day my dad, David Ford, has allowed me to share his original poem, Holocaust…..

It is in PDF form here: Holocaust_by_David_V_Ford

*Note to younger readers and parents: please read this poem together. The Holocaust was a terrible time in history and should be discussed as a family for better understanding, because it really happened.