Friendly Greetings

and Welcome to the B.S. (Barnyard Stories) Blog!


    My name is Lisa (often shortened to Lis) and I am a many generations descended… Barnyard Storyteller, that is!


I live on my family’s farm amongst some of nature’s silliest curiosities; including my Sheltie Collie, Audie (named after Audie Murphy); my American Quarter Horse, Cecil; two Pygmy Goats, Hornipes, and Mussette; a couple of calves, some of which are named things like Baby Sarah or Baby Taters; a pride of Barn Kitties, named Fiddle, Penny Whistle, and Leo; and a “Fleet” of Muscovy Ducks led by Port and Starboard. And if you think all this sounds silly…you ought to live here with all of them! :0)


And here is where you will find a plethora of Barnyard Stories featuring all the Critters That Call the Farm Home.

There are also Star Trails, Moonbeams, Gardening Trails, Macro Explorations, Raindrops and Storm Clouds, even a bit of Lightning and many, many photos and all sorts of memories, smiles, and general silliness.


You can find out more about me and the Critters in the Critter Tales Section. As well as Critter Express Products, and Pieces of Light in their respective places on

      We Hope you enjoy the adventures and stories of the B.S. Blog… Barnyard Stories from Family Farm Country. May your journey be filled with plenty of smiles!


Lisa and the Critters