WQLN Holiday Arts Show 2010

Well we have returned there and back again, safely, unloaded all of my boxes of products and paraphernalia and, in theory, I haven’t lost anything….well at least I have not noticed it missing as yet.

We met a variety of characters this weekend and had a good time at the WQLN Holiday Arts Show at Rainbow Gardens in Erie, PA. For all you out of town folks, look at a map of Erie County, Pennsylvania and you’ll see Presque Isle jaunting out into the Lake. Rainbow Gardens is just inside the shoreline there with Waldameer Park and Waterworld, which is closed till Spring.

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Stargazing…with a cat

      Brrrr!!!!! It was about 20-25 degrees here last night. Our little pond and any sitting water had a fine frosty film of ice reflecting the bright stars. Being it was such a cold, crisp and frosty fall night the stars were gorgeous; not a cloud in sight. They were as bright and twinkly as a late December night.

       I was out was to take pics of course and stargaze for a while, as well as trying to find Comet Hartley 2, not sure if I did have to look at pics. Did get some interesting ones though. Saw two meteors too. I love watching Orion rise, and it was exceptionally bright tonight too. I think I even got an Orionid whilst taking a shot of the Nebula.

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Friendly Greetings

Friendly Greetings from Down on the Farm. A fall night is well under way, the moon is bright and fairly full, though waning to a new moon, and a warm breeze whispers to the clouds to pass quickly and shed no tears. The deer are in the fields; some rest at quiet repose, or trying to, whilst others prance around in play or duel with antlers in fight. The dew is not safe tonight from trampling hooves. The horse is chomping on his hay while the cats are curled up inside the bale. The peeps are all roosted on top of a wood box and the ducks are everywhere; some on the pond, some on the shore, some in the barn, and some in the pasture.. and even one on a fencepost. The little calves are tucked into their straw beds, listening to the lullaby of a peep (chicken) snoring, which sounds betwixt a coyote howl and a woodcock’s call. One wonders how restful that can be. A lively night for the restful I suppose, with so much commotion going on.

A Hiccup Online

Friendly Greetings and Welcome to my latest adventure…a New Blog. Yes the Hiccup Online would be me. :0)

I am a Blue-Jeaned Photographer, a Professional Scribbler, Wordworker, Doodler, and all around Dabbler. I also write “novels” for e-mails I have been told, and love writing and reading details for the imagination. I love to stargaze and daydream. I am also known to trip over my own feet quite regularily, otherwise known as a clutz extraordinaire.

I am Lisa Marie Ford, the author of “the Critters That Call the Farm Home” Book Series; poetry and photography books for kids of all ages (seriously, I sell equal amounts of books for kids as I do for bigger kids, aka grownups). There are four, thus far: The Bunny Dance, A Spring Dance, The Deer, and Candy the Colt.

Pic By Lis, the Down on the Farm Studio, is my photography and design business; featuring bookmarks, postcards, cards, posters, and calendars all 100% original in photography, poetry, and design as well as Made in the USA. My books are also available in the online store at known as the Critter Express Online Store as well as some artwork prints.

I live and work on my family’s dairy farm amongst some of nature’s silliest curiousities; including my Sheltie Collie, Bagpipes; my American Quarter Horse, Cecil; two Pygmy Goats, Hornipes, and Mussette: a dozen “Peeps” (chickens); a baker’s dozen of calves, some of which are named things like Baby Buttons and Bellows; and a “Fleet” of Muscovey Ducks led by Port, Starboard, and Sir Francis the Drake. And if you think all this sounds silly…you ought to live here with all of them. :0)

Hope you enjoy this blog and all the stories. As somebody once told me, Happy Hiccupping!