13 Days of Hauntingly Beautiful Photos


For Day 11 I’ll leave you with a spider picture that may haunt you…for there is only one….I took this picture standing with a friend….I turned to let her take one and POOF…he was gone…nowhere in sight!!!

While this may not seem like a big deal out in the woods or somewhere far away…guess whose bedroom window this was right outside! Yeesh!

And trust me…this is a Beautiful but Creepy Spider…I’m not sharing the one that lived in a hollow in fencepost…for while the water droplets on it’s web were quite lovely think Shelob reaching out to grab you!


Look, Don’t Touch


The old saying of “Look, but don’t touch” sure applies to this caterpillar whose spines will not only hurt, obviously, but contain poison to help protect this stout caterpillar during his growing days.

This is the 8th Day of 13 Days of Hauntingly Beautiful Photos featuring an….um….exotic caterpillar of the utmost wildness.

And whose chompers, legs, and spines certainly bring the exclamation “Yeesh!” to mind.

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