Frosted Kitties


Whilst out shooting photos in the wee hours of the night with fresh frost glittering in the moonlight over windswept snowy depths I was attacked by Camera Hams in fur coats!


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Denver Post Slideshow

Imagine my surprise at receiving a few kind e-mails about the Aurora poem and the photos on One of those was from The Denver Post who wanted to feature some images in their “Auroras Across the Country” slideshow; featuring photos from many states even some down South. Happily five of those were taken right here in Family Farm Country. Be sure to watch the show; especially if you were unable to see the real one on the 24th. It is quite a beautiful collection, especially those starter ones in Michigan.

October Auroras

A hazy green fogged the Big Dipper at the twilight of a crisp fall night. Streaks of Red darted upward just on the edge of eyesight.

The word spread ’round the barnyard; from the ducks to the horse to the cat. The goats were too busy stuffing hay into their mouths to notice; adding to bellies already quite fat.

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