Cecil’s Girls

Cecil’s Girls: Baby Betty Ann, Baby June, and Baby Lilly (from left to right clockwise)

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The Almost Kestrel Rescue

We have a family of kestrels that have inhabited the trees and rooftops at our farm…and occasionally the barn rafters. Every Spring the hatchlings go on their first flights and then eventually make their first hunting trip with mama, usually, over to the main farm and Grandma’s house. Sometimes, though, something goes wrong on that first hunt; whether it’s a strong current, a protective Robin, or pestering Starlings or Blackbirds the fledgling crash-lands.

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Lambing Duty

I’ve been on Lambing Duty for the neighbors; taking shifts checking on the sheep and just in case any of the ewes need help birthing lambs. Luckily none have needed help yet this year. Hopefully they won’tbe like a couple of years ago…whew…pulling lambs is just as hard as pulling calves!

This lot…flock…is due any time and so I am helping by checking on them a couple times a day.

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A New Calf ~ Baby O’Kay

       Today is the middle of the month and in the middle of the night a calf was born. We have had this line/family of cows that my dad and I have been rasing for over 20 years. It started with a Jersey Holstein Mix cow that my dad named Baby Kay…and thus started the Baby Line. Of course her first calf was named Baby Lisa. :0) Just like you have a last name all of their names ebgin with Baby, even when they weigh a ton.

       Baby Merry (named for a certain Hobbit) is the proud new mama. The calf is all black except for a little white spot on her tummy. Her mama was light brown and just darkened to a deep velvet chocolate brown. Her first calf was born under a rainbow and was a fawn tan color, and she still hasn’t darkened much. However the new baby is the first in many years that was not born brown, looking more like the Jersey heritage, but black like the Holstein heritage. After much deliberation on names it came down to Baby Half-Pint or Baby O’Kay, we chose Baby O’Kay. Dad wanted O.K. however I thought O’Kay would be more appropriate.

       She is incredibly cute and adorable and covered in black velvet that you just want to snuggle up with….well now whilst she is still clean. By tomorrow I am certain she is gonna be full of energy and slobber-city. Oy, then begins bottle-training. Yikes.