Not that Blue

The sky couldn’t possibly be THAT blue could it….whoops blinked and now it’s back to shades of gray overcast with that “gonna rain any second” twinge of blray (blue-gray). Guess a little reminder of what the sky is supposed to look like on a sunny day is all we get so we don’t completely forget.
*The dark brown and black flecks a little above the fence posts are blackbirds pushing their luck pecking bug pests off of a Red-Tailed Hawk.*

The Brewing of Storms


A Journey down many roads and across several bridges filled the memory with many of nature’s well known curiosities and some exceptional rarities. From the hip-hop bounce of cottontails to the shadows of pine forested hills and sundewed hollows. From the White-Tailed Deer bounding through fields filled with drowned crops and too many frog filled pond-sized puddles to the rarity of two deer fording a river wide creek that reflected painted clouds on the horizon. Continue reading