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Left-Handed Coloring Book Release

When I originally released my first Coloring Book: “Many Meetings: A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection” there were to be TWO versions…
Essentially for the Right-Handed and Left-Handed.

I have just released (finally) the Left-Handed Edition on March 1st. Sorry it took me so long. ;0)

I will be posting pictures soon of the differences, but the main thing is the layout. The original edition features the image on the right side of a two page layout, or the odd pages; whereas the Left-Handed Edition places the image on the left side or the even pages.

Now there are three versions of this book available; two in print and a PDF version for printing yourself.

A Run Through the Field Critter Tales Book


The NEW “The Critters That Call the Farm Home” Book is available now. “A Run Through the Field and Old Hickory” originally premiered on December 13th, 2013 for Friday the 13th and just ’cause the 2nd part of The Hobbit movie was also released on that day.

 Sadly, a shipping delay took a lot longer than it should….however the first run of “A Run…” has arrived this Christmas Eve via a wonderful man making his Christmas Eve deliveries….no it’s not who you think, Santa’s ’round the other side of the world right now, but our awesome and kind UPS driver’s name also begins with an “S” and he keeps the Christmas Spirit as well. :0)

 Now available via our Etsy Shop and in Studio:

More info here:

The Barnyard Christmas Eve

Just in time for Christmas: the Barnyard Christmas Eve, the fifth book in “the Critters That Call the Farm Home” Series.

Last year “The Great Apple’ came out on 11/11/11 so it seemed appropriate to do 12/12/12 since it’ll be quite an age till that can be done again, it would also be in season (right before Christmas), and hey, what better way to celebrate the release of the first part of “The Hobbit” in theaters. :0)

You can read more about it here:

Fading Dragonfly

There is a time for everything and even the most beautiful creatures fade with their last season. This Dragonfly chose the Cecil Shed for his resting place and spent the time hiding out from the birds and the chill wind amidst Mister Cecil, Piper the kitten, and a couple human and goatie kids. Sadly he didn’t make it too many days, but he sure was BEAUTIFUL even on his last day. I even tried taking him into the house to warm up, but he curled up his feet under his chin and went to sleep.  Continue reading

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