Carrot Kisses Poem


There’s a new story over at Horse Family Magazine, well rather a poem; Carrot Kisses.
The bestest pic is of the moo cow slobberfest of the Almost Triplets/Twins, Plus One = Baby Betty Ann, Baby June, and Baby Lilly sucking each other’s ears. It tells of a thousand slobbers without having to say a word.

Happy Valentines’ Day! May you have some special friends to love you and slobber grain all over your coat this day. If you don’t I know where you can get some, with slobber to spare. :0) 

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Apples Anonymous

There’s a new story over @ Horse Family Magazine. A tale for a crispy fall night sitting under harvest moonlight; with your horse munching on an apple. Please not too many apples. Cecil may think a bushel of apples a day keeps the doctor away, but fermentation isn’t recommended for other horses.

Click here to read Apples Anonymous – A Horsey Hangover

P.S. Don’t try this with your horse at home. :0)

Cecil’s Girls

Cecil’s Girls: Baby Betty Ann, Baby June, and Baby Lilly (from left to right clockwise)

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