The Great American Solar Eclipse

My dad and I experienced the Great American Solar Eclipse from our Family Farm in Pennsylvania.

We even captured a few phases of the actual eclipse, with my Dad holding the protective glass over the lens while I photographed it.

Dad used an old machine part, which has a hole in the center, to project the eclipse onto a number of things for me… including flowers and rocks, oh and a grasshopper. He also used an old saw, which was kinda neat.

A bee like insect landed on me and I captured the eclipse reflections in its wings and body as well.

We observed Nature and wildlife on the farm and around the fields, including some odd behavior in birds… such as a hawk and small birds flocking together…not hunting, not pestering, not catching insects. Pretty cool.

A really fun way to both observe and photograph were the projectors which spelled out “Eclipse” and “Pics By Lis.” Either Dad or I held them as I photographed them on various plants, rocks, even an old plow.

To add to the special memories and great fun, Tom Atkins of WJET in Erie showed a few images on both the ABC & FOX news on the 22nd. :0)

See more pics here:

First Steps to Wander (Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest)

Adam Young is a very talented, creative soul. He defies labels and genres and his musical imaginings are frequently playing in my studio. This year he endeavored on a mighty musical feat of creating a score inspired by a historical event, not once, but 11 times. He succeeded, and my personal opinion is he created something truly special. He graciously shared these treasured creations with us via his new web site:

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Firefighter’s Moon

Hayfield Central Hose Company #1 Fire Engine Truck with Rising Moon at The Pioneer Steam & Gas Engine Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania's Summer Show

This weekend was The Pioneer Steam & Gas Engine Society’ of Northwestern Pennsylvania’s 49th Annual Summer Show.

As you know, I make the annual postcard and bookmark set, take photos of folks and equipment, and try to get pics for future postcards.

Hayfield Central Hose Company #1, a.k.a. Hayfield Volunteer Fire Department, provides safety and help if need for the local area as well as at the show. First Responders are there if needed, including my cousins and family friends. They also have a kitchen at the PS&GES Showgrounds….with very popular lunches and dinners by the way… which helps raise operation costs and funding support for the department.

They always shine up the trucks and park them on the big hill, when not in use, during the show. The evenings this weekend were so beautiful and with the rising moon simply gorgeous…so I went a little engine happy taking pics. ;0)

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