The DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop is Closing

Friendly Greetings Folks!

The DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop will be closing on May 16th, 2017.

This close may be temporary, or it may become permanent. We are not sure yet. It greatly depends on how Etsy’s new CEO and management team handles matters.

Etsy changes A LOT. Sometimes changes are good, many times they are just frustrating and hindering to handmade artists and crafters. Continue reading

Summer Solstice

Heirloom Rose Blossom growing by Christopher Mott's stone in Smith Corners Cemetery by Lisa Marie Ford

Summer Greetings

Today is the Summer Solstice…well for us Northern Hemisphere folk…and there is a full moon today as well….isn’t that wonderful! Some folklore calls the June Full Moon the Strawberry Moon, but around here we call it the Planting Moon…unless we are eating Strawberries at the time. :0)

Do you know what else June 20th is? Hmm?
It’s the anniversary of Audie Murphy’s birthday. Audie Murphy was born June 20th, 1925…and you outta know who he was….the most Decorated Soldier of World War II and later a talented actor, writer, songwriter, and honestly I thought he was a good singer too! Audie Murphy is who our adorable Sheltie Collie, Audie, is named after.

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Thurston Classic 2016

  Pieces of Light #223 Silver Hot Air Balloon with Swarovski Bermuda Blue Crystal Hearts by Lisa Marie Ford

We are excited to announce that there will be Pieces of Light at the 2016 Thurston Classic in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The Thurston Classic is an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Crawford County, PA and is great fun for all the family to watch and chase after all the balloons.

This year in the souvenir tent, the wonderful folks at the Thurston Classic will have a variety of things to remember this year’s festival…including Pieces of Light Hot Air Balloons, Clouds with a Silver Lining, Golden Suns, and a Crescent Moon. Proceeds from souvenir sales go towards funding the festival each year and setting balloons aflight every June. Continue reading


Cool Wave Pansy Flower from Ridgeview Greenhouse in Conneautville, PA

I apologize for my absence lately. I had a severe allergic reaction after a recent business expo, in addition to Spring asthma and allergy trouble, and ended up the he hospital.

It’s been a rough week back home on the farm in Pennsylvania….pushing 90° F every day with high humidity and blizzards of tree pollen, but I am slowly recovering.

I hope you are all well and I will be working…slowly…to post more Pieces of Light, Coloring Pages, and Critter Express Products.

I have been also working behind the scenes on fixing some things. I noticed that sometime, maybe during a server update, many of the images in the B.S. Blog are not showing up. They are still here, but somehow disconnected from the post. I am working to fix all that. There are A LOT of stories and pictures on here, did you know that? In the meantime, if you notice anything amiss please let me know.

Denver Post Slideshow

Imagine my surprise at receiving a few kind e-mails about the Aurora poem and the photos on One of those was from The Denver Post who wanted to feature some images in their “Auroras Across the Country” slideshow; featuring photos from many states even some down South. Happily five of those were taken right here in Family Farm Country. Be sure to watch the show; especially if you were unable to see the real one on the 24th. It is quite a beautiful collection, especially those starter ones in Michigan.

to the Book Fair & Beyond

Yikes! I’ve been asked by the Crawford County READ Program to be a “Celebrity Guest Reader” to read one or two stories from the Critter That Call the Farm Home Series at the Scholastic Book Fair at the Crawford County Fair. I didn’t know I was supposed to be a celebrity. Did I mention “Yikes?”

I’m thinkin’ I will probably read The Bunny Dance and Candy the Colt. Sound good?

I am really surprised and rather nervous to read in front of everybody, but especially my own works. Yeesh!

The reading is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd at 6pm…..and that’s only 2 weeks from today! Oh my goodness. Afterwards is the Luke Bryan and Easton Corbin concert.

There are other Celebrity readers scheduled every day of the fair at 1pm and 6 pm, so be sure to stop by at the Crawford County READ Program’s booth at the Grandstand.

Should I imitate Buzz Lightyear with “to the Book Fair & Beyond?”