First Steps to Wander (Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest)

Adam Young is a very talented, creative soul. He defies labels and genres and his musical imaginings are frequently playing in my studio. This year he endeavored on a mighty musical feat of creating a score inspired by a historical event, not once, but 11 times. He succeeded, and my personal opinion is he created something truly special. He graciously shared these treasured creations with us via his new web site:

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Baldwin’s Books and Gifts

Pics By Lis received a lovely invitation to be a part of something new and exciting from the curator/director at the Baldwin-Reynolds House Museum, Joshua Sherretts… The B&R has opened a new gift shop, Baldwin’s Books and Gifts, and today is the opening day; in fact right now and the celebration continues through the weekend. The shop is set up in the newly repainted basement of the B&R, with an entry from the lawn with a nice little veranda in the shade and a cool breeze making this a nice spot to be on a summer’s day.

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Lightning and Lightning Bugs

The Midnight Peeper

Beware the Midnight Peeper as you walk the woods and meadows between the twilights. Faint whistles will echo with every step until you come upon his tree and out of the dark a deafening PEEP, PEEP, PEEP whistling-trill makes your ears ring….. Continue reading