Quarter Horse

Cecil, A Horse “Tail”

Cecil and I were reminiscing the other day about the first time we met.

My old horse, Cocoa, had died of old age in March of 2006 and we missed her a lot. It was a lonely Spring ‘round the barnyard. Dad and Grandpa worked out a trade with this fella we knew who trained horses for hay. They asked that he choose a well trained horse for me, with a good personality and slow gait because of my walking issues. He brought him down one early morning in late May. Dad dad called and woke me up and said to come outside. So I hurried up, changed my clothes, and went out where there was a horse trailer. The man was riding him, bareback, and said that I could name him what I liked. They had a number of horses at his place.
Read about my “little” boy Cecil…

Cecil’s Birthday

Today my “widdle” baby is all “growed” up….Cecil turned 10. Mr. Cecil is of course my American Quarter Horse, and such a charming fella too.

His nickname in late summer is Cecil Cider, and if you were here then you would know why…. Continue reading