First Steps to Wander (Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest)

Adam Young is a very talented, creative soul. He defies labels and genres and his musical imaginings are frequently playing in my studio. This year he endeavored on a mighty musical feat of creating a score inspired by a historical event, not once, but 11 times. He succeeded, and my personal opinion is he created something truly special. He graciously shared these treasured creations with us via his new web site:

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Inge Auerbacher, Memory-Keeper

This Pieces of Light Star made with Burgundy Copper Parawire and Swarovski Crystals was made on the day the play opened and gifted to Inge Auerbacher after we met her. I called the Starcatcher style "The Inge Star".

Inge Auerbacher is an amazing lady. She is an author, an inspirational speaker, a chemist, and a Holocaust Survivor, but most importantly she is a kind, loving soul and a dedicated memory-keeper. A memory-keeper is one who treasures and keeps safe the memories of those who have gone before us and through the telling and retelling of their stories their memories are kept alive. She remembers the moments, the people, the places, the animals, and the troubled times. Inge also possesses an astounding forgiving nature and a perspective of the world and an understanding of its peoples that she shares. She is an amazing lady with many stories to tell.

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Frosted Kitties


Whilst out shooting photos in the wee hours of the night with fresh frost glittering in the moonlight over windswept snowy depths I was attacked by Camera Hams in fur coats!


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Leap Frog Day

I was real late tonight doing night chores due to a steady thunderstorm. It has warmed up a bit since this afternoon at 2pm when it was 35. We had a dense fog for a couple of hours before the wind picked up a bit, and with it came the far echoes of thunder. The storms moved through, but not before the local pack did. Continue reading

October Auroras

A hazy green fogged the Big Dipper at the twilight of a crisp fall night. Streaks of Red darted upward just on the edge of eyesight.

The word spread ’round the barnyard; from the ducks to the horse to the cat. The goats were too busy stuffing hay into their mouths to notice; adding to bellies already quite fat.

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