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Welcome to the Pics By Lis website!

My name is Lisa Marie Ford, and Pics by Lis is my business. Being a Sixth Generation American  Family Farmer, I live and work on my family’s farm, on which I grew up with my cousins and a vast variety of our critters.


I feel my life and family’s way of life have given me a unique perspective in today’s world; from growing up as a farm kid, living, and working on our family farm to the privilege of interacting, daily, with Nature and many of Nature’s Curiosities.


As my father always says,

“Family Farmers are something of a rarity and soon will be extinct like the dinosaurs, something only seen of in a museum.”

This perspective is a bit of something I like to share with others. And henceforth came the creation of Pics By Lis.


I am a “blue-jeaned” photographer, usually with boots on my feet and a smile on my face, with a camera not far out of reach. I am often found crawling around on the ground gettting a close-up of some critter or other.


I am a “Farmer Poet” and Storyteller and thus enjoy the meadows during the twilight and midnight hours like an elf stargazing and dreaming; while finishing chores and listening to the nightly chorus, thinking of stories told and ones not yet thought of.


I hope to share a bit of my life and environment with you through my books, stories, photographs, graphics, and such, and hope that they relate to you, in your life and environment.

Fellow Farmers and Naturalists might recognize a few familiar faces and scenes, reminiscent of your own farms, homes, and experiences.

Those who are a few years or generations away from the farm might find it reminiscent or gain a little insight
to country/farm living, and nature’s curiosities.

Maybe you will look a little closer at your own environment and notice nature peeking through at you.


I hope that anyone who visits this site will smile, maybe even laugh, and reflect a little more. I, also, hope that the Critters and I help to improve anyone’s day.


Lisa and the Critters

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