These are some of my Favorite Links.

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Toe-Tapping-Tunes (Music)

Cherish the Ladies

Heidi Talbot

The Irish Rovers


Riders in the Sky

Amy Grant

Adam Young Scores

Owl City

The Monk’s Brew



Robert Griffing

Toadstool Farm

Selina Fenech


Authors and Stories

Robin McKinley

Selina Fenech


Handcrafted Treasures

Brassy Peacock Designs

Linda Mason Designs

Lost in Time A & C


Space and Weather

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Cleveland)


Friends’ Businesses

Custom Linen Rentals


Recommended Products

Wacom Tablets and Pen Displays

Pop Cap Games

Renee's Garden Seeds Renee’s Garden Seeds

Soy Free Chocolate (especially Economy Chocolate Chips, Yum!)


Beautiful Places to Visit

Baldwin-Reynolds House Museum

Great Lakes Medieval Faire


Helpful Sites

Pennsylvania DCNR ******* Ohio DCNR

Need a Domain Name, Want quality, ad-free, Hosting


Good Causes

Ducks Unlimited


Geek Out

Sean Astin’s Site


In Memory of a Very Special Man

James MacArthur