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Pics by Lis hopes to bring you quality photographs, interesting and fun books and poetry, informative articles and tidbits, pleasant paintings, creative graphics and web design, and postcards, artwork, and Pieces of Light you like to share with loved ones.


Use of Information

Please be assured Pics By Lis and will never sell or give away your information, or use it for anything other than processing your order or answering questions or queries or sending you updates if you ask to be subscribed for them; unless ordered to reveal it to the law in an official court investigation.

Your information on a regular basis would be shared with third parties on a regular basis only to process/handle the following;

The Critter Club Mailing List/Newsletter is hosted by MailChimp (This includes forms, campaigns, e-mails, and so forth)

Payment through PayPal or cashing your check/money order at the bank

Shipping/Mailing Address through shipping company: generally the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

Order Processing through

Other Information collected is not personably identifiable, such as cookies. We do not have access to any information other than a count of how many people visit our site. To delete cookies please delete them from your temporary internet file on your system.


Hosting is hosted by If you are looking for a web site hosting company we highly recommend Doteasy. We have been with them for umpteen years!



Forms are provided by our host and server, You can read their Terms and Privacy Policy on their site,

Mailing List Forms and Newsletters are provided by MailChimp

Toadstool Farm Banners are provided by

Facebook Badges are provided by using Pics By Lis photos. So too Twitter Buttons provided, Pinterest Button via, and Google+ via

Some Books, CDs, or Artwork belong to their respective authors/artists/copyright holders and are only used to provide reviews or outside links to said artists/authors.

All other works on are original creations by

Lisa Marie Ford.

So please do not copy, borrow, or steal any of the works. If you like something please purchase it or contact Lisa about designing a site with the graphics or publishing articles or photographs in your newspaper, magazine, or other media, or for Licensing. Thank you for keeping Pics By Lis Original!


Technical Issues

We also hope that everything works properly, but sometimes technology has a few bugs. If you have any trouble with anything Lisa can fix, please feel free to e-mail and she shall try her best to resolve any issues.

Of course with every business and site, please understand that the site is provided “as is” and that by using the site you agree not to hold Pics By Lis or Lisa responsible or liable for any damages resulting; including but not limited to viruses, mistakes, laughter, hiccups, etc .

Pics By Lis and Lisa are not responsible for third parties, their web sites, or links, etc. Please read their terms and conditions. And for our young readers please make sure it is okay with Mom, Dad, or your guardian before venturing to another site.


Damaged Products

Also products are provided “as is”. Any damage incurred after products are received; such has tearing, water damage, etc, is beyond Pics By Lis’s responsibility. However, if your order is damaged during the original shipping to you, please contact us and we will work out an exchange with you.

Also, though we try our best to please, we cannot guarantee you will like or dislike your purchases, as everyone has their own opinion. There is no refund for services or products provided for this reason.


Online Store

Our current “Online Store” is the DownontheFarmStudio Etsy Shop found at DownontheFarmStudio.

We also sell items online at Lost In Time A&C

You can purchase products using your PayPal account or various credit cards or a bank card via PayPal. Pics By Lis does not have access to your payment information. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.

Though we would like to accept Etsy Gift Cards, we are not keen on lowering our good credit score by monthly or quarterly background and credit checks by Etsy. We already have a PayPal account as well as family who have been using PayPal since it started without issue.

Please contact us if you would like to Purchase a Pics By Lis Gift Card for someone that can be used at shows or by contacting us about an item or items and purchasing them directly through us.

Any information that Pics By Lis retains will be used only to process your order(s) and in our records for future orders, exchanges, etc. Information will not be shared with any third parties as stated in the terms above.

If you prefer not to pay online we request that you e-mail your order to This will require a longer period of time due to responses, your payment of US check or money order, confirmation of payment, and so forth.


Design Licensing

Web site and/or graphics designs are granted a limited license, they are licensed for your use in designing your web site and/or print product design, unless otherwise agreed upon.

We respectfully request that they are used for these purposes only, unless otherwise agreed upon by written permission.

Images and Artwork we gift as goodies are meant for personal use only. Not for resale. Please contact us for further licensing.


Print License

You may only print/copy Pics By Lis photos with written permission from Pics By Lis, in the form of a Print Release, such what comes with our Coloring Pages.

Any prints you order from Pics By Lis will be the original quality without our logo on the image, however this does not grant you permissions, rights, licenses, or release to copy and/or distribute our copyrighted images. By ordering our prints you agree you will not copy, scan, photograph, etc our images nor resell them in any way. Thank you for keeping Pics By Lis Original.

You may, however, print the games and coloring pages in the Fun Stuff section for your own personal use. Adobe PDF reader will be needed to access these files. Please do not print for sale or other monetary gain. If you are a teacher or librarian and have printed any of these for your class we would love to hear about it.


For Kids/Parents

(Please follow the link, there is a special section just for you)



By using this site, and/or Pics By Lis Products and/or services you agree to these terms.

You acknowledge that this agreement may be changed and/or updated at any time without notifying you, please see this page for current terms.

This agreement may be substituted for and treated as a contract between you and Pics By Lis.

If you have any questions regarding these terms or policies please e-mail Lisa at


Well now that we have gotten all the disclaimers and notes out of the way, please sit back, relax, and have fun browsing around the site!

And come again another day!

Thank you,

Lisa and the Critters


Last Updated February 20, 2016