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We cordially invite you to join The Critter Club!

What is The Critter Club, you ask?

what-is-the-critter-club its-our-special-club

This special club, is the Newsletter/Mailing List for Pics By Lis: the Down on the Farm Studio.

Once you Join (a.k.a. Subscribe) we’ll send you e-mails from time to time.

In these e-mails will be a variety of things, and there is no set schedule, so make sure to add us to your address book.

Content will frequently be pictures, artwork, products, site updates, news, events, stories, links, maybe even some poetry.


All facets of Pics By Lis: the Down on the Farm Studio are included in this subscription;

Critter Tales and Other Written Works by Lisa Marie Ford

Artwork (Paintings, Prints, Coloring Pages)

Pieces of Light

Critter Express Products

Barnyard Stories Blog

Shops, Shows, and Events

Links, and much more….


Sometimes we will offer promotions, sometimes goodies.

When you first join, you shall receive some downloadable gifts for your personal use as a Welcome Thank You Gift .

Two Printable Word Searches

A Printable Critter Coloring Page

Three Desktop Background Images


To Join simply fill out the form and follow the steps at this link:

There are also links throughout the site, on the home page, and in the footer (the envelope icon).

Thank you kindly!

Lisa and the Critters


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